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Note: please see Add-ons for up to date information.

Mozilla Add-ons, also known as AMO, is a resource for finding and installing add-ons for Mozilla products. You can read more about AMO's mission and vision in this presentation.

Updating AMO

How and when we're updating AMO

Current Projects

What we're currently working on


Our plans for AMO over the next year

2010 Q1 Goals

Our goals for Q1 2010

2010 Releases

AMO Release Plans and Specs archive

Weekly Meeting Information

Notes and information about our weekly status meeting

Firefox Add-ons Manager Meeting

Notes and information about our weekly meeting about the future of the add-ons manager

Add-ons Blog and about:addons Newsletter

Stay up to date with the latest AMO news

Resources for...

End Users

Information for end users of the site

Add-on Authors

Information for add-on developers


Editors help review add-ons that get submitted to AMO as part of the sandbox model.


AMO is currently available in over 20 languages

Website Developers

How to setup and hack on AMO - patches welcome!


Information for site administrators

Other Resources


Frequently Asked Questions

Add-on Policy

Policy for add-ons hosted on AMO

AMO Bugs

Information on the product of Bugzilla

Contact Information

For support with AMO:

  • Mailing list: amo-admins AT mozilla DOT org

For questions about add-on reviews

For administrative or development concerns: