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Firefox Accessibility in Android is new, and rapidly improving. This page should clarify any confusion or outstanding questions users and early adopters may have.

Frequently Asked Question

What version of Firefox is accessible?

Since version 17, Firefox is fully accessible. It can be installed from the Google Play store.

What is Firefox Nightly?

Firefox Nightly is the raw nightly build of the development version of Firefox. It has not been tested at all, and should be regarded as extremely unstable. To see features being added real-time, it might be worth trying it, but don't expect it to be stable enough for daily use.

I want to try Firefox Nightly, which version do I want, regular or ARMv6?

The ARMv6 package is meant for lower end phones that don't support our other APK. If you don't know what your phone supports, first try installing the regular APK, if that does not work, try the ARMv6.

Is there any way to quickly navigate the contents of a page by item type, like list or heading?

Yes, Firefox has quick navigation keys that could be used with a hardware keyboard or Eyes-Free keyboard. See Marco's post about quick nav keys. In Firefox 20, we will introduce quick navigation with gestures, swipe with 3 fingers up and down to change mode, and left and right to navigate to specific objects.

How can I have Firefox continuously read a page's contents?

Since Firefox relies on the platform and screen reader, it cannot directly control speech. Continuous reading is supported in Jelly Bean with Talkback 3.1.4 and above.

What version is Aurora? what version is Beta? Which is more advanced?

The stable release of Firefox, as of this writing, is Firefox 17. Along with the stable release, there are three other unstable release channels: Beta, Aurora (ie. alpha), and Nightly. Every 6 weeks a new stable release is cut, and the version numbers on all these channels get bumped. We call this the "release train". So, for example after Firefox 18 will be released, Firefox 19 will be in Beta, and will be released as "Firefox 19" six weeks later. You could read more about it here. We have accessibility features spread out on all of these channels, the list below should help you figure out what to expect from each release, and how to get your hands on a preview version.

How can I report Firefox Android accessibility bugs?