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Learning disabilities refer to a group of afflictions, including dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and many others, that make learning difficult. Often people with these afflictions have average to above average intelligence, but have trouble sorting and storing information because of language disorders, sensory integration problems or expressive and receptive language disorders. This page is dedicated to computing technologies that can assist these people in their quest to learn.

Desired Technologies

Scratch Pad of Ideas

  • alternatives to speeded responses
  • word lookup, or compatibility with word lookup tools
      • word2image
      • definition, synonym, translation
  • text reading, or compatibility with text reading tools
      • Mathematical formulas
      • grammar/parts of speech highlighter
      • concept mapping - graphical representation of ideas
      • font/color changing
  • spelling correction for spelling-sensitive interactions
      • phonetic spelling
  • provision for suppressing unneeded functions
      • Hotkey elimination
      • image removal
  • Text skimming
  • Point and click accessibility

Existing Technologies


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