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   Gaia - What is the intermittent stats like - DBurns
  • General notice: I'll be uplifting patches for marionette client/server in v1.3 on a weekly basis, for as long as MTBF needs


During this meeting, we cleared up our goals for Q2:

  * Fix up major touch-related bugs [owner: mdas]
  * Support Loop testing for dmose [owner: AutomatedTester]
  * Selenium Java and Python command executor interfaces [owner: ato]
    * Repository? m-c vs. Githoob
    * Running Selenium test suite on cedar [owner: ato]
  * Spec incompatibility bug fixing
  * W3C conformance spec suite - Drop as goal since this should be business as usual
    * Running spec suite on cedar [owner: ato]
    * Conformance suite test writing, review of existing tests, porting of Selenium tests
    * Convert to use wptserve
    * General infrastructure work
  * Further WebDriver spec compatibility work [owner: ato] - Backlog
    * Goal: Getting Marionette-backed FirefoxDriver deployed at major companies
    * Other things:
      * Provide WebDriver Python framework for writing wpt tests in general (defer to Q3?)
  *  Add structured logging support [owner: ahal]
  * Hybrid common harness to run Python/JS tests[owner: ????]
    * Dependent on the Gaia Team
* Questions
  * marionette_client contains a lot disparate components - Q2 Goal? See after Gaia dev meeting
    * Leads to many dependents
    * What can we do to improve?  Risks of making changes?  (B2G, Gaia)


  • [gkw] Support for reference hardware when it arrives mid-Q2?
    • Yes, this is imperative for us.