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  • Notice from mdas: uplifting to 1.3 will happen on a per request basis. If we try to apply all patches, we get really messy code, since there are significant changes in 1.4 that don't apply cleanly at all to 1.3
    • Related discussion: davehunt&webqa's concerns for having a reliable v1.3/v1.4/future branches support for marionette-client and gaiatest.
      • maintain separate pypi package versions per branch ->
  • Gaia - What is the intermittent stats like - DBurns
  • New Keywords in bugs - DBurns
    • Classify marionette into different functional areas, difficulty
    • Make it easier to triage bugs, look things up
    • Illustrate which areas we're having the most problems in
  • Priorities of bugs
    • ato is missing prioritized list!
    • use keywords ^^


  • Further WD spec work, blocked by Selenium command executor interfaces
    • Formal end-points in order, but no way yet to check arguments passed to end-points w/o this

Goals Progress

  • [ato] Selenium command executor classes




  • marionette_client contains a lot disparate components - Q2 Goal? See after Gaia dev meeting
   * Leads to many dependents
   * What can we do to improve?  Risks of making changes?  (B2G, Gaia)