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  • How to release marionette_client to support multiple B2G branches. See Bug 1008234 for gaiatest releases (ex: release marionette_client_mozilla-b2g28_v1_3 from mozilla-b2g28_v1_3 with version 0.1)
    • may require uplifts to 1.3 so we don't break marketplace tests
    • after update, we will need to update b2gperf/gaiatest/b2gpopulate
    • Need to verify against:
      • contains the tests that rely on some features currently in m-c
      • any other consumer of non-pinned versions of marionette
      • Eideticker may not branch, we'll need to find a way to pull in the right marionette client w/o branches
    • need to branch for 1.3, 1.4, notify mailing lists
  • <- When current tasks are done can someone look into this.
  • W3C F2F in London, July 7-8
  • For those working on master: Marionette and gecko logs should be back by tomorrow's build


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