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The Developer Engagement Community Manager fosters community involvement in achieving MDN and technical evangelism goals. The “community” encompasses core and active contributors (including paid staff and volunteers across the organization), Reps, and occasional contributors, who are interested in helping developers with Mozilla and open Web technologies.

This role expected to interact actively with the Mozilla community of writers, developers and translators, helping to grow others, and invest in their success as well as your own. In addition, you will work within and outside Mozilla to help identify what is needed to provide the community with the support, resources and tools needed for their success.


The Developer Engagement Community Manager is responsible for the following focus areas^*:

  • Strategy: Establish and execute a strategy for developing the community. Define and track metrics for key indicators of community health.
  • Growth: Increase membership of the community and convert newcomers into regulars. Consider and enact new ways of reaching talented writers and developers who are not yet part of the community.
  • Content: Create, edit, facilitate, and solicit content for the community, including wiki articles, blog posts, mailing list posts, and social media content. Encourage community contribution via these channels.
  • Moderation and process: Remove obstacles to participation and encourage members to make contributions. Identify contribution roadblocks, and drive changes in community process to resolve them.
  • Events and activities: Create and facilitate events to keep members engaged. Encourage and facilitate volunteer-driven events.
  • Relationship and influence: Build relationships with key members and gain influence within the community.
  • Develop community members: Manage programs to develop skills and leadership for community members, such as Mozilla Reps SIGs, and recognition programs such as badges. Develop tools and programs to better highlight and reward community contributions and contributors. Manage contributor reward nominations and the delivery of rewards. Recommend community members within the Mozilla project based on relevant skills, knowledge, and activities.
  • Organizational integration: Integrate community efforts with organizational processes and goals. Coordinate with paid staff members to ensure contributions are handled expeditiously. Coordinate with other Mozilla community managers and community stewards to share best practices and develop systems to that can be used across the organization. Aid development of the Mozilla Contribute website. Work with other organizations that have similar goals, to share community management expertise and best practices.
  • User experience: Suggest improvements to Kuma and other community tools to improve the participation experience for community members.

* Based in large part on the Community Management Framework.


  • Track record of volunteer/open source community management experience
  • Strong communication skills and desire to plan, discuss, and solicit feedback in the open
  • Ability to think, plan and execute resourcefully, with minimal supervision
  • Strong knowledge and passion about Mozilla and open source
  • Knowledge of web technologies, primarily covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and web apps. Experience with developer communities a plus.
  • Knowledge of technical communication best practices.
  • Ability to present onstage on behalf of Mozilla and the Mozilla community.