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Bugzilla in an important tool at Mozilla for tracking work to be completed. Even if you don't like Bugzilla or think it is confusing, the majority of the company uses it, and it is a requirement for many teams to help you execute on your project or task. The first step when you are starting a new project is to create a Bugzilla tracking bug and all other bugs that define work to be done should block this main tracking bug. You create blocking bugs in bugzilla by creating additional bugs that have the tracking bug's # in the "blocks" field.

If you are creating a completely new product, platform, or website, it is required that you filled out Mozilla Project Review form. The form will ask you a number of questions about your new project and will automatically create dependent bugs for different teams that you will need to launch your project.

Once you have your tracking bug or project review form submitted, please link the bug to your project hub