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The Mozilla Enterprise User Working Group is where enterprise developers, IT staff, Firefox and Thunderbird developers can discuss the challenges, ideas and best practices for deploying Firefox and Thunderbird in the enterprise. The group will meet monthly via phone and continue conversations on the discussion list as well as at an annual forum. This wiki can be used for sharing common config info, tips, references that are useful for enterprise environments.


Web browsers are the unsung heroes of an enterprise environment. Usually unnoticed in favor of the content and applications they host, they have silently established unquestioned status as a core, mission-critical application on every desktop. Notably, a knowledge worker spends so much time in a web browser, that productivity-driven efforts to personalize the end-user experience have steadily pushed the Browser to a Development Platform status. In fact, when speaking about its ever-popular Firefox, Mozilla explains the architecture of the Browser as "built on top of the Mozilla Platform".

As a Development Platform, the Browser is well positioned to be an influential player in the desktop productivity arena, bridging the gap between the "out there" internet, and the "in here" desktop. Still, with all the hype and expectations, institutions and enterprises continue to struggle with the basics of management and security and frequent updates.

The Mozilla Enterprise User Working group is a place for enterprise developers and Firefox and Thunderbird developers to discuss the challenges, ideas and best practices for deploying Firefox and Thunderbird in the enterprise. It will also be a channel for getting information about Mozilla plans as well as a place to ask questions and get the latest news as well as the thinking behind the decisions we make.

Welcome to the Mozilla Enterprise User Working Group!


  • To establish a unified governance body around enterprise users of Firefox and Thunderbird.
  • To drive enterprise requirements for the benefit of all enterprise-scale firms and institutions
  • To help each other succeed in deploying Firefox and Thunderbird within our environments
  • To recruit like-minded firms
  • To share risk and cost
  • To use industry influence to "raise the bar" on Web Browsers and push for WebDev best practices and open standards
  • To offer prescriptive guidelines around Firefox and Thunderbird to peers
  • Please Add Or Revise as you see appropriate!

Rules of Engagement

Each of the calls will be organized around a central theme, with the primary goal being to simply communicate information and document that information, in the hopes that people inside and outside the group can learn from our experiences.

Calls will be private to the group. No one is required to share their affiliation on the phone call or in any documents produced by the Mozilla Enterprise User Working Group unless they choose to do so. Minutes will be published publicly without identifying which participant said which to enable enterprises to participate as fully as possible.

How to Participate and Post

Enterprise Firefox in the Blogosphere



Please use anonymous information here if necessary

Bugzilla Issues Tracked by EWG

The EWG Bugzilla page will highlight and track Bugs, Issues, Feature Requests, etc that are of interest to the Enterprise community. We encourage our peers to elevate these issues by voting on Bugzilla.