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The Firefox 4 Beta aims to engage 1M-4M users in an interactive process through which frequent updates are evaluated by a representative set of web users and their feedback shapes the direction of future development updates.

We will collect feedback through a variety of in-product and out-of-product mechanisms, and communicate the goals of each beta revision to users as it is delivered to them.


  • more than 2M users running Firefox 4 Beta prior to launch
  • engaged beta audience submitting tweet-like feedback through product
  • beta audience that matches our general user audience demographics
  • frequent milestones to gather feedback throughout development cycle

You can also read about the background for this program.


Milestone Expected Actual Notes
Branch In time for b5 Expected after release <thead> </thead> <tbody> </tbody>
Stabilize mozilla-central and create a mozilla-2.0 branch for Firefox 4
Ship Beta r1
Thursday, June 24
July 6 (+12 days)
Ship first revision of beta
Ship Beta r2
Friday, July 23
Tuesday, July 27 (+4 days)
Ship second revision of beta
Ship Beta r3
Friday, August 6
Wednesday, August 11 (+5 days)
Ship third revision of beta
Ship Beta r4
Friday, August 20
Tuesday, August 24 (+4 days)
Ship fourth revision of beta, offer as major upgrade to branch beta channel users
Ship Beta r5
Friday, Sept 3
Tuesday, September 7 (+4 days)
Ship fifth revision of beta. (Feature and string freeze was moved to beta 7)
Ship Beta r6
Tuesday, September 14
Extra beta inserted. Only included 2 fixes for regressions.
Ship Beta r7
Friday, September 17
Wednesday, November 10 (+54 days)
This will be the feature/string/API freeze milestone (was originally the last Firefox 4 Beta)
API & Feature Freeze
b7 code freeze (formerly b5)
Beta 7
Finalize all interfaces, no more API changes on mozilla 2.0, no new feature work
String Freeze
b7 code freeze (formerly b5)
Beta 7
Finalize all string work, no semantic changes to strings
Ship Beta r8
November 30 (tentative)
Wednesday, December 22 (+22 days)
Ship eighth revision of beta
Ship Beta r9
December 16 (tentative)
Friday, January 14 (+28 days)
Ship ninth revision of beta
Ship Beta r10
Expected asap in the week of January 24
Tuesday, January 25
Ship tenth revision of beta
Ship Beta r11
Asap in the week of January 31
Tuesday, February 8 (+1 week)
Ship eleventh revision of beta, with more betaN+ hardblockers fixed (14 betaN+ hardblockers not fixed)
Ship Beta r12
Beta 12 will not have a fixed schedule and will instead be built when the remaining betaN hardblockers are at zero
Friday, February 25
Ship twelfth revision of beta, with all betaN+ hardblockers fixed
Ship Release Candidate 1
early 2011, TBD March 2011
Wednesday, March 9
Complete work on all blocking2.0:final+ bugs, generate release candidates
Ship Release Candidate 2
March 18
Saturday, March 19, (+1 day)
Two very small, very isolated fixes in order to better protect Firefox 4 users.
Ship Final Version
March 22
Tuesday, March 22
Final version of Firefox 4