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Meeting details

  • Tuesdays @1630GMT/1230 EDT/0930PDT
  • Vidyo ProgramManagement
  • IRC #gofaster


  • laura, larissa, ...


  • Focus of these meetings for now is to get the official-feature-build-pipeline built
    • Will add some people from other teams as we move onwards
  • Setting Q3 goals and deliverables for the project overall:
    • Automation pipeline in production, able to ship a test system addon, unlocalized (build team)
    • Client integration for system addon updates? (Mossop)
    • Security policy independent updates (French team)
    • IdeaLab v1 into production? (need to check with nchapman for exact details)
  • Automation plan
    • Updates since Whistler discussion, if any
    • Next steps
  • Roundtable/Q&A
    • What types of test automation already exist?
      • What should we study up on?
    • Crash reporting?