Firefox/Projects/Personas Uplift Exploration/Meeting Agenda 10.08.09

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Goal of Meeting

  • Support lightweight themes integration in Fx with plan and release of infrastructure required for a holistic product experience

Check-Ins and Open Items

  • Fx / Product Experience / Security (Jonath)
  • Capacity / Metrics (mrz)
  • First-Run experience (Tara/Suneel/Nick)
  • AMO (Nick/Justin)
      • from last meeting: determine whether to merge getpersonas and AMO into one gallery.
  • Web Site optimization (Morgamic/Ryan)
  • Legal / Approval Scale (Catherine/Suneel)
  • Branding / PR (Jane/Melissa)
      • from last meeting: recommend brand for in-product feature
  • QA (Tony/Stephen)
      • Product testing update (tchung)
        • Personas testplan done
        • Testcases listed in the wiki to be moved into litmus next
        • Been testing against different OSes, theme manager integration
        • no blockers found so far
        • undo theme feature landed on trunk, working
  • note: beginning next week, L10N will be attending meetings

Additional Items?