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Sprint lead: margaret
Sprinters: sdwilsh

A statistical analysis of the user's history, average tab load, etc. Like Google Zeitgeist, but based on their Places database.
  • Dietrich has an add-on that does some of this already. screenshot

Goals / Use Cases

  • Reflective personalization: Showing users the broader patterns in their interactions with the web, thereby creating a tighter personal bond with it.
  • Debugging: testers can use this page to gauge their web usage, and the amount of metadata generated by it, for feedback on bugs and feature usage.

Non Goals

  • Drill-down or query-ability of the data past the basic display on the page
  • Remote aggregation and analysis of this data

Prototype Development

Here is a list of brainstorming ideas for the about:me page. The latest prototype is available as an add-on, which you can download here:


Activity stats

  • Hourly trends [DONE]
  • Daily/monthly trends
  • Top sites visited [DONE]
  • Total usage over time
  • Average time on a page
  • How you get to pages (bookmark, link, etc)
  • Relationships between different pages (parent, etc.)
  • Novelty of Browsing (% first visits)
  • Recent activity
  • Sites visited multiple times but not recently
  • Trends over total history

Tab stats

  • Lifetime
  • Frequency visited
  • Average number of tabs open
  • Information about current tabs

Bookmark stats

  • Top used bookmarks
  • Tag cloud for bookmark tags
  • Hourly/daily/monthly trends


  • Installed add-ons
  • Usage patterns (how much do we know about this?)



  • IP address
  • Physical location
  • Internet connection
  • Network usage
  • Plugins
  • Cookies
  • Current profile name

Memory usage

  • Usage for different tabs/sites

Download stats

  • Number of downloads [DONE]
  • Daily trends [DONE]
  • Types of downloads [DONE]

Implementations of Similar Things

  • Google Zeitgeist
  • Google Reader Stats
  • Google Web Activity Stats
  • Flickr Stats
  • Chrome about:stats


  • Include thumbnails for website entries
  • Count unique visits per day instead of total visits
  • Distinguish between sites with significant subdomains (e.g. and
  • Remove default pages from page (e.g. default google start page)
  • Analyze trends within specific domains


Original design ideas for some potential sections and datapoints.

History & Bookmarks

  • number of history visits
FROM moz_historyvisits
WHERE visit_type NOT IN (0, 4)
  • number of unique URLs SELECT COUNT(1) FROM moz_places WHERE hidden <> 1
  • fav sites (top 5-10, total visits, avg visits per day) SELECT * FROM moz_places ORDER BY visit_count LIMIT 10
  • avg visits per day
  • day of week stats (eg: "sat broader, sun has more revisits") - would need total visits (sunday is 0) SELECT COUNT(1) FROM moz_historyvisits WHERE visit_type NOT IN (0, 4) GROUP BY strftime('%w', ROUND(visit_date / 1000000))
  • number of unique URLs for each day of the week (sunday is 0) SELECT COUNT(*) as num_visits, strftime('%w', visit_date/1000000, 'unixepoch', 'localtime') as day FROM moz_historyvisits v LEFT JOIN moz_places h ON v.place_id = WHERE v.visit_type NOT IN (0, 4) GROUP BY day ORDER BY day
  • graph of history volume over time (visits per week since start of history accumulation)
  • total browsing uptime (via history, maybe goes in App)
  • % of the Web visited (out of 1,000,000,000,000 pages)
  • url and date of oldest visit
  • top URLs most selected from the awesomebar
  • number of bookmarks SELECT COUNT(1) FROM moz_bookmarks WHERE parent <> :tag_root AND parent <> :places_root
  • url and date of oldest bookmark (oldest by what?)
  • graph of bookmark activity over time
  • number of tags SELECT COUNT(1) FROM moz_bookmarks WHERE parent = :tag_root
  • revisitation
      • average or median visits per URL
      • percentage of visits that are bookmarked or tagged pages


  • total bytes downloaded SELECT SUM(currBytes) FROM moz_downloads
  • number of downloads SELECT COUNT(1) FROM moz_downloads
  • date of first download SELECT startTime FROM moz_downloads ORDER BY id ASC LIMIT 1
  • average download size SELECT AVG(maxBytes) FROM moz_downloads WHERE maxBytes <> -1
  • graph of download activity over time
  • average download time


  • avg num open tabs
  • current tab load
  • average tab load since XXX
  • avg startup time
  • number of cookies
  • entries and total bytes of cache (or link to about:cache)
  • number of extensions installed
  • number of plugins installed (or link to about:plugins)
  • IP address
  • user's physical location
  • search efficacy (original blog improved sql )
  • number of saved passwords
  • degree of variation between saved passwords


bug 480154