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Firefox 3.5 is the browser that just keeps getting better and better. Faster, more secure, etc.


Main end-user features:

  • Private browsing mode
  • Awesomebar privacy options and view options
  • Windows XP + Vista updates
  • Performance: fastest JavaScript performance (via TraceMonkey)

Adding consumer/end-user Firefox 3.5 Launch objectives, strategies & tactics (11/11)

  1. Objectives:
  • Drive consumer awareness, trial and adoption of Firefox 3.5
  • Position latest as superior alternative and promote browser choice
  • Opportunity to promote mozilla mission vs. pure feature differentiation
  1. Strategies:
  • Leverage tech press and bloggers to raise awareness among core user base;
  • Target new audience segment via acquisition campaign;
  • Roll-out new site enhancements to drive conversion and engagement;
  • Identify a key partner for consumer-facing co-marketing activity;
  1. Tactics:
  • Proactive PR outreach to targeted top-tier journalists /bloggers;
  • Refresh SEM and online banner campaign [key message may be performance];
  • Refresh online site content/elements on (primary download channel) and localize content into 45+ locales (tbd)
  • Launch “Thank You” campaign to showcase community participation (tbd)
  • Community outreach via core channels (SFx, Affiliates, Reps) and social media (Twitter, FB, Digg, Mozilla blogs) pages to be updated / refreshed include:


Main features for web developers:

  • Video and Audio
  • Geolocation
  • Worker Threads
  • CSS-SVG / External resource loading
  • Native JSON
  • Performance improvements for JS and DOM via TraceMonkey

Page for all features: Firefox 3.5 for Developers

Beta 1

Beta 2



Beta 3