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Firefox 3 Test Plan DRAFT


  • Focus on new features and develop automated tests or manual tests in Litmus
  • Ramp up from smoke tests (old regression tests and new functional tests) to FFTs (old regression and new functional) to peak with the FFTs during the Beta 2 and RC1 test cycles. Then switch back to BFTs on Windows and smoke tests for RC2, RC3 and any respins.

Milestone by Milestone plans:

Milestone Smoke test BFT FFT Focused Testing
Alpha4 XXX XXX
Beta 1 XXX XXX
Beta 2 XXX XXX
Respins XXX XXX

Old Feature Regression testing

New Feature Functional Testing

L10n Testing

Software Update Testing

General strategy:

  • Run update script to identify issues
  • Test the following matrix to identify any potential issues
  • Run the suite of Software Update tests in Litmus

Extended Extension testing

The Criteria here is to test all the Recently added extensions, Top Extensions, Recommended Extensions. Then also test roughly the top 10 each of the Newest and Top Rated Extensions. This is a lot! This is a total of 52 extensions. We need community help with this!

The testing of this is not very detailed. The plan is to try out ~3 main features to see if the extension can be installed, used in it basic modes of operation, and uninstalls cleanly.

Anyone helping should either add their results info about what you tested (your name, feature tested, build id, Version string, pass/fail status, and notes) to the

or email results to

Plug-in testing

Extended Top Site testing

Profile Testing

  • Migration from Firefox 1.0, Firefox 1.5.0.x, and 2.0.0.x Profiles
    • Need to create a set of profiles and have them available for download
  • Profiles with History
    • Engage community help with this?
  • Profiles with the Top 10 AMO Extensions installed
  • Profiles with recommended extensions installed

Detailed Profile Test Plan

Organized Community Testing

  • Biweekly community test days
  • Weekly community bug days

Special Distributions

  • Y! CJK
  • Google CJK
  • PCHome
  • Seznam

Meeting Notes

Milestone Tasks

Beta 1 Tasks

Beta 2 Tasks


Release Activities

L10n Handoff to Build

Test Results for Alpha Releases