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this is obsolete content from the 2009 visioning and planning process

Building on Mozilla's project-wide [2010 goals], Mozilla Foundation is undertaking a Vision and Roadmap process throughout 2009. As of October 2009 the Foundation is working on two streams of activity:

  • Mozilla Drumbeat: building a community to steward the web as a public resource
  • Mozilla Core: support to the Mozilla project and community

Also, early experiments with new programs have been running throughout 2009, most notably Mozilla Education. This process will not only define new Foundation activities for 2010, but will also carve out a set of longer term roles and directions.

Process and goals

The Mozilla Foundation Vision and Roadmap process is built around staff, board and community members conversations throughout 2009. The goals of the process are:

  1. Articulate Foundation role and identity within the broader Mozilla community (long term)
  2. Define new programs that advance the Mozilla Foundation mission (medium term)
  3. Catalyze community and get good ideas rolling along the way (starts now!)

October 2009 update: A 'strawman' vision was completed in April 2009. This was replaced in fall 2009 with the two streams listed above -- Drumbeat and Core.

See this archive page for info on the earlier strawman discussions.

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