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Who are we?

The growth team is a group of Mozillians who evaluate the current state of Firefox's acquisition and retention pipelines, develop growth hypotheses, and execute on scientific test plans to determine if possible opportunities lead to positive growth of Firefox. We have core members who lead the team and then supporting cross-functional members who bring insights and expertise on all touch-points of the Firefox experience. We believe that any test, regardless of the result, will lead to a continuous learning environment and a better product experience that will ultimately drive growth.

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Core team members

What we do

  • Define and evaluate effectiveness of Firefox growth models & funnels
  • Develop hypotheses for growth opportunities
  • Develop test plans & create prototypes
  • Run scientific tests & analyze results
  • Apply learnings to all touch-points in the Firefox experience

What are our goals?

Overall, we strive to:

  • Learn something from each experiment we perform.
  • Through learning, grow the usage of the Firefox product.
  • With the additional usage, spread the Mozilla mission further.
  • At least 1 test running every week to promote continuous learning.

Our Tools

  • Google Analytics
    • Metrics and reporting about website user experiences.
  • Optimizely
    • A/B testing of different web pages and downloads.
  • Firefox product data
    • Firefox Health Report
    • ADI pings
    • Funnelcake builds
    • Telemetry
  • SurveyGizmo
    • Surveying users on key web pages.
    • Real people testing different experiences with videos and data of their test.

Our Process

After we define a growth model for Firefox, we will use the following process for optimization and growth experiments.

  1. Define what is success and how it can be measured
  2. Develop insights, identify bottlenecks, or constraints in our user experiences
  3. Create a hypothesis based on an identified bottleneck or constraint
  4. Prioritize backlog of tests
  5. Perform test
  6. Identify and communicate key learnings and define next steps
  7. Repeat

We do growth testing on various touchpoints across Mozilla's websites, products, and services.

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