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Air Mozilla - Mission Statement

Air Mozilla is a central hub for Mozilla's rich media, a place for live video streaming and prerecorded video content. It is a site where the Community can find, share and create video content, an open repository of video & audio resources that are freely available to the public, accessible by anyone and any device.

Air Mozilla is also a place to set a good example for open standards by publishing all rich media in open formats with Creative Commons licenses. You will help drive open standards on the web by using Air Mozilla as a showcase for new rich media technologies.

Air Mozilla is where we tell the Mozilla story in video, where we bridge the gap between video production and web standards evangelism, ensuring that the video we produce is distributed in a manner consistent with Mozilla's values.

Road Map - 2013


Air Mozilla Project

The Air Mozilla Project is a Mozilla Community effort. Mozillians with different sets of skills and levels of commitment to participate are encouraged to help.

Some of the "job positions" are:

Air Mozilla IT Infrastructure

  • Following Mozilla's coding principles ([1], [2]), help create a maintainable Air Mozilla website
  • Ensure that necessary resources for video production, encoding, uploading, and distribution are available for the Community
  • Work to create a platform for free and easy open video encoding and hosting from Mozilla
  • Blog about best practices for the creation of open video, workarounds, tutorials and technical fixes
  • Coordinate with Mozilla's IT/Infrastructure & Ops team on infrastructure requirements

Air Mozilla Webmaster

  • At a high level, own the website
  • Work with Mozilla WebDev and Community WebDevs for website maintenance and improvements
  • Coordinate with Mozilla's IT/Infrastructure Ops team to maintain the backend website infrastructure
  • Transcode and upload video
  • Develop mechanisms for the embedding and sharing of open video in a format that is as easy to use
  • Work with the Community to tag and categorize videos.

Air Mozilla Production Leads

  • Advise and facilitate other departments with the creation of open video and work to improve smoothness and rate of video production across the organization. Offer editing support to other departments when possible.
  • Produce high quality, production worthy video/audio for the Air Mozilla website
  • Compose and record open license incidental music for use on video and audio assets
  • Coordinate with other technical teams on developing the open video producing/encoding/distribution platforms
  • Directly create tools and workflows for Mozilla community members and the web to have easy access to produce, encode and distribute open video.
  • Plan the production schedule for Air Mozilla programming

Air Mozilla Content Creators

Content Creators are anyone. Sometimes you'll work with Air Mozilla Producers to get your content ready for the website. Sometimes you won't need any help.

Here's are a few examples of the sort of activities a Content Creator might do:

  • Produce, film, edit and encode video content (Mozilla Weekly Project meetings, Community events and Brown Bags)
  • Create templates for Mozilla motion graphics and iterate them over time, making them available to other departments and, as appropriate, the web as a whole
  • Record audio interviews for a weekly podcast focused on Mozilla operations, decision making processes, inner workings of teams, and product development