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MCS:Hosting TBD

Community IT requests

As a part of MCS project, Mozilla provides the following for local Mozilla sites:

  • Website hosting
  • Email hosting
  • SSL certificates
  • Domain registration
  • Volunteer sysadmins


Fill out the Community IT Request Form and we'll guide you through the process. You'll need a bugzilla account for this.

Website hosting

Mozilla has setup accounts with hosting providers, so we can help host your website. There's a few options, so for a quicker process, in the additional comments box, tell us what you are going to be hosting on your site, and how many users you're expecting.

Email hosting

We can provide email accounts via accounts with Google Apps which we manage.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates can be provided if your site will use passwords, or take any other information from users.

Domain registration

We can provide domain names and DNS management for communities.

Volunteer sysadmins

Setting up a website, maintaining it and keeping it secure is not an easy task, that's why we can put you in touch with trusted volunteer sysadmins who will take care of that and explain you the basic maintenance tasks. They can also help you auditing your server, optimize it, fix a problem, do backups or help you with any questions.

If you need someone, make sure to explain your problem as much as possible on Bugzilla.


You can reach us by creating a new topic in the Communities Web Services on Discourse or in #CommunityIT on for IRC.