Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2012-08-21

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  • META - no meeting next week.
  • Builder
    • ongoing bugs with build, some fixed last week, some ongoing.
  • SDK
    • content-proxy fixes landed, weakmap changes from last week should be good to go
    • re-pack progress
    • Pull request 528 - fixes syntax error traceback issue?
    • New page-mod option - poll
    • 1.10b2 today. Anything needing to be there?
  • Roundtable
    • changes to the Jetpack release process & schedule to capture and track infrastructure pushes better: AMO, validator, builder
    • release check-list - now with handy form! And slightly different URL pattern, starting with 1.10: 'Jetpack/SDK/Release_Checklist/VERSION'
    • get your Work Week ideas to Mossop!


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  • Jorge
  • Jeff
  • Dave Mason
  • Dave Townsend
  • Wes
  • Will
  • Erik
  • Eddy
  • Matteo
  • Alex


WARNING no meeting next week due to a Jetpack team work week. The next Jetpack meeting will be on September 4th.


  • still tracking some ongoing issues - download issue fixed, other issues have cropped up
  • co-ordinating with the Builder team to ensure that 1.10 deployment goes more smoothly


  • Weakmaps problems are all resolved, the Fx Team is free to re-land their Weakmap changes - status is in the bug.
  • re-pack progress - Jeff needs to re-issue a pull request to bump xpi versions. Next steps are to re-run with 1.9, then message add-on authors.
  • we have a pull request that improves tracebacks when a module has a syntax error - Alex thinks this is already improved in nightly? Needs testing.
  • Wes needs your changes that need to be in 1.10b2!


  • Jeff is working on capturing changes to the release process, particularly the shift to picking & publishing the last RC the previous week so as to catch the Thursday AMO push.
  • the release check-list now has a wiki form, template &slightly tweaked url pattern.
  • attendees are encouraged to forward their discussion topics for next week's work week to Mossop.
  • last minute Sanity check for travel issues to London? None.