Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2012-10-30

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  • Builder
    • Builder update to 1.11 in progress, scheduled for tomorrow.
  • SDK
    • 1.11 release today!
  • Roundtable


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  • Gabor
  • Wes
  • Matteo
  • Erik
  • Jeff
  • Will
  • Irakli
  • Mossop
  • Alex



Jeff will push 1.11 to Dev today and is scheduling a push to production tomorrow.


1.11 release today!

  • release notes still needed: page-mod, pb deprecation, bug fixes
  • docs push later today
  • we should be good to release today


Fennec tests

Status on tests on Fennec: 84.7% pass. Matteo's working on fixing the failures. Erik's working on page-mod for Fennec.

Some tests crash Fennec: we should file bugs against Fennec for these, as we should not be able to crash Fennec, whatever we're doing.

Raise a tracking bug for fixing Fennec tests.


cfx-js passes its tests on the SDK and Node. Next step: how to work out how XPI-build works. Alex will help although he is busy with Gaia.

addon/installer module

What is the addon/installer module? It seems not used neither documented - it's used for cfx-js and Addon Builder Helper, and is needed. It should have at least minimal documentation.

MozCamp Asia

MozCamp Asia information? People going to MozCamp Asia are expecting information. There is some info on the Wiki: The organizers will book hotels. It is in Singapore. How do the organizers know who is going, and for how long? Mossop: they should be contacting everyone in the next day or so. People arriving early (Matteo, Erik) should be sure that the organizers know this.

Jetpack Metrics

Jetpack Metrics: Jeff has access to a copy of the AMO DB. Jeff hopes we'll get a VM on the Moz network that will be able to query this DB to give us up-to-date info on usage of the SDK, versions, APIs etc.


Erik's awesomeness, not finished yet, but will be done later this week!