Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2012-12-18

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  • SDK
    • High Priority Work ( from triage )
    • Blockers?
  • Roundtable
    • no meeting until January 8th!


Triage Followups

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Open Bugs


  • Mossop
  • DCamp
  • Matteo
  • Jeff
  • Eddy
  • Will
  • Wes
  • Alex
  • Irakli



High Priority Bugs ( from triage )

Mossop has received a few suggestions for which of our bugs should be made high-priority, and there seems to be some overlap in the suggestions people have made. More suggestions are welcome.

We will revisit this after the holidays.

Per-window private browsing (PWPB)

We've discussed disabling add-ons in private-browsing mode, or making it a user choice to enable/disable them. But this will break too many add-ons. Instead, we should make it a review condition that add-ons should respect PWPB. But this might mean lots of add-ons will need to be re-reviewed. We need to find out what AMO's policy/plan is for this. Jeff will ask AMO. Jetpack add-ons should have the same behaviour as traditional add-ons, or users will be confused.

Loader work

Matteo is working on adding versioning to the loader, will create a PR to iterate on it.

Broken links in the docs

There is an IT bug to add redirects to the old doc locations. This needs to be fixed.


  • tree is orange, should be green. It's a regression in traceback tests. More seriously, hidden-frame is broken in windows and linux. Will try to fix this today.
  • Matteo recommends GItGutter: