Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2012-2-14

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Pending Requests

  • Bugs with pending requests as of midnight:
    • Bug 704357
      • Irakli asking Alex to review
    • Bug 723584
      • Will asking review from warner and feedback from dcm
      • If this can get reviewed and landed today, it can be cherrypicked for 1.5
    • Bug 723555
      • Irakli asking Alex to review



  • Wes became a Mozilla employee. Applause!


  • bug 724766 (500 error when accessing dashboard)is still blocking 1.0. We have a patch in testing.
  • will have the video reshot for Wednesday
  • SDK 1.5 will require a repack, preparing to test that.


  • release 1.5 next week
  • will require a repack: must make sure add-on developers know about this.
  • RC2 today: cherrypick 724433, plus a couple of documentation bugs
    • (new) serious bug found: 726967. It appears to be introduced in Firefox 12 and 13: so may be OK to leave out of 1.5
    • ochameau: about to push a memory leak fix, will be useful to have in 1.5
  • gozala: tinderbox is reporting an error on Firefox nightly builds. we should have a bug for this


  • dietrich gave an update on the project to deliver new Firefox features as add-ons. Recent discussions focused on which of these should land in Firefox and which should stay add-ons. Some use the SDK heavily, some only use it as a loader. It's instructive to see the different ways people can use Jetpack. Why do some add-ons work better with Jetpack than others? Understanding this will help the SDK team make the SDK more suitable for heavy-duty add-on development. Dietrich welcomes the Jetpack team to attend the meetings!
  • Share is planning to land in moz-central
  • pdf.js, browserid, are up in the air at the moment
  • also talking about getting the SDK itself landed into the Firefox (possibly as an add-on itself?) Drew Willcoxon wrote up a proposal for this, which you can read here: