Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2014-04-22

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Triage Followups

No results.

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Open Bugs


  • Mossop
  • Gabor
  • Irakli
  • Jeff
  • Jordan
  • Matteo
  • Will
  • zombie


High Priority Work

Native Jetpack Support

Nothing new.


Nothing new.

[Slaughterhouse] (needs public bug)

Questions in IRC about the details: zombie will talk to Gabor on IRC.

Devtools SDK

Landed changes to debugger to let actors self-describe.


  • should we finish de-traitifying tabs and windows? Mossop: the code is very hard to work with and would be improved if we de-traitified. Irakli: there will need to be big changes anyway for e10s, would prefer to rewrite only once. Need to be careful making changes as these are very widely used APIs.



  • Mentoring bugs: Engineering has a goal to improve contributor retention (led by mhoye). At least 1 mentor bug fixed per engineer per release cycle. So everyone: look through bugs, find something suitable, offer to mentor (whiteboard tag it, mossop will paste tag into irc). Find both "first bugs" and "next bugs". Come up with a list for next week, and we'll blog about it.
  • Conflicting meetings: this meeting quite often seems to conflict with Town Halls. We'll not move it (yet) but if this meeting conflicts with a TH that you want to attend, feel free to skip this meeting. Just tell mossop, so we don't wait for you.
  • send zombie some low risk/priority r? requests
  • Connor (intern) is starting May 12. What will he work on? Not sure yet, asking him what he's interested in. Possibles: jpm, AOM, devtools SDK, memory tools. Mossop: memory usage sounds interesting.