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We'd like to have different themes for Pontoon.

This is going to be good for users with impaired vision, who might prefer a light theme. Or just elderly people like Axel.

It's also going to be interesting for external deployments, who might want to adapt Pontoon to their own branding.

It might also help with a mobile UX.

To be defined:

  • We need a browser compat definition, so that we can figure out which CSS features we can use


This work can likely be done in phases, with the following milestones.


Refactor the current CSS to be modular, and have single things defined in one place. Check if we can use CSS variables and calc for this. Defining the CSS feature scope we intend to use will be a big part of this.

Splits might be the following:

  • colors
  • generic shapes
  • and then per-page layouts

Theme List

Allow the CSS files to be in actual themes, develop a directory layout where they'd be hosted. Develop a first alternative theme (maybe the light theme?), switchable through django.conf.settings.

Theme Switching

Allow individual users to select their preferred theme via a user setting.