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What is a Mozilla Add-ons Ambassador?

The Add-ons Ambassador program was organized to educate and equip developers to create add-ons for Mozilla applications, with a tooling focus on the Mozilla Add-ons SDK. Ambassadors are community volunteers who have stepped-up into evangelism leadership roles. They are members of the Mozilla community working in-depth with Mozilla staff to advance Mozilla Add-ons and the open web. These community members attend and present at large conferences all over the world as representatives of that community.

The Ambassador team was first organized in late 2009 and was initially composed of 10 individuals from across the globe. Since then, the group has helped advance the Mozilla Add-ons SDK and drive adoption in the larger web developer community.

What does it take to be an Mozilla Add-ons Ambassador?

  • Be familiar with the Mozilla Add-ons ecosystem (AMO, Mozilla Add-ons SDK, Mozilla Add-ons Builder)
  • Have a passion for speaking to groups of other web developers of all sizes (meet-ups, conferences, and events of all kinds)
  • Understand the technical side of building an Add-on for Mozilla products
  • Possess a desire to train and teach developers of all ability levels about Mozilla Add-ons.

I think I have what it takes! How can I be considered?

We have a three step process for taking on new Ambassadors:

  1. Complete the Mozilla Add-ons Ambassador Application
  2. If we think your application reflects what we are looking for in our next Ambassador we will contact you to schedule a telephone interview. If we happen to decide that we would like to pursue other Ambassador candidates, we will still contact you and let you know - no one likes to apply for something and hear nothing back :)
  3. If all goes well on the telephone interview, we will contact you with an invitation to the program.