Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-06-29

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  • followups from last week
  • SDK 0.5 feedback
  • FlightDeck 1.0a2 feedback
  • year and Q3 goals
  • SDK 0.6 goals & planning
  • summit planning
  • roundtable
  • Review final outcome of API survey
  • update on integration test script


FlightDeck 1.0a2 was well received, most issues are feature desires or Bespin related and will be addressed in upcoming releases. Some bugs were discovered after release that would likely have been caught with a proper QA testing.

SDK 0.5 release was less hurried than 0.4, and the community responded very well to the new round of APIs. A few larger APIs still landed later in the cycle. Testing should be improved to allow for earlier detection of SDK breaking changes in Fx.

We should launch a stable 1.0 release of the SDK by year end. FlightDeck should receive comparable effort with the SDK, it will be a big factor in the success of the Add-ons Builder in general. This will include a ramp-up in developers working on the project and more release parity between it and the SDK.