Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-07-20

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  • followups from last meeting
    • Myk to move Places API work to 0.7
    • Myk to draw up a sketch of how panel/page-worker/context-menu should interact with content
    • Ayan to post integration test script somewhere public
    • Irakli to email folks about potential improvements to CommonJS module infrastructure
  • SDK 0.6 plan and status
  • plan
  • SDK 0.7 plan
  • roundtable


  • followups from last meeting
    • myk would move places api to 0.7 api (did)
    • sketch how panel and page worker interact with content (didn't do in full, will do next week)
    • ayan would post integration scripts, he did to the bug. will followup with tony about landing on hg somwhere
    • irakli posted in group about CommonJS structure, he did, myk will followup
  • sdk 0.6 status
    • froze last night
    • didn't land most of stuff we wanted to land :(
    • e10s-compatible context menu api: missed, but made good progress in last week. drew, bsmedberg, and myk discussing api changes.
    • complete documentation for all apis: missed, myk will followup with noelle.
    • e10s-compatible panel api: missed, but myk's made a lot of good work, "in late stages of work in progress". will probably be able to land in early 0.7.
    • e10s-compatible page mods api: missed, dependent on the work and modules myk is doing for e10s panel.
    • e10s-compatible widget api: missed, for same reason as page mods.
    • preparation of widget api for firefox 4 integration: two components, a jetpack part and a firefox part. dietrich landed the jetpack part. firefox part possibly ready for firefox 4 beta 3.
      • dietrich also landed ability for widgets to have customizable and updateable widths.
    • next step: spin release candidate. myk will do today, will run unit tests on different platforms. atul mentions that he's fixed all bugs for running sdk on latest firefox builds, but an xpcom category manager test is failing (solution may be to simply disable that test).
  • (1.0a3) plan
    • create contribution system: doesn't need to block next release, but something we should fix. myk removed from 1.0a list.
    • updating sdk to 0.6: important. but implies that flightdeck must support multiple versions of the sdk. myk and pitor will talk offline about how to best expose this to devs.
    • update bespin to 0.8, 0.9 if available: one of the top priorities.
    • add delete functionality to add-ons and libraries: myk's been hearing this a lot from users. something we want to make happen.
    • override or warn on sending user back in page history from delete key: yes, important, a severe bug. can't fix until we have a newer version of bespin. dietrich says he talked to bespin guys at summit and in the version flightdeck currently uses the support we need should be there, but pitor says it's buggy.
    • fixing test button on add-on list view pages: fixed already.
    • myk says overall the list looks good, may be some more items we want to add. looking at the dependency tree of bug 578542, there are some there we may want to pick up. myk posted comment to bug 574685, should iterate there, and that bug should be added to plan. maybe also pickup some small typo bugs, and missing documentation bugs (like context-menu).
    • myk is not clear on how much time these changes will take. pitor says he doesn't know how much time updating the sdk will take, mentions some deep-sounding technical changes involving the database; will take discussion offline. myk asks pitor to come back with time estimate so we can plan when to release. unlike sdk, flightdeck's releases are more feature-driven.
  • sdk 0.7 plan
    • move everything we missed from 0.6 to 0.7, especially e10s stuff, which is important.
    • if that's the case, maybe we should move unowned 0.7 items to 0.8. much of these items are not necessarily release-specific but multi-release projects anyway. so myk will remove those items and find owners.
  • roundtable
    • irakli working on shim layer to inject into all jetpack sandboxes to provide es5 functionality that spidermonkey doesn't yet support: bug 580389. cool!
    • dietrich going on vacation, then moving, starting tomorrow. will be back online monday aug 2, but his timezone will be mountain view time + 14h.
    • myk will be out of town fri jul 30, mon aug 2.
    • irakli will be out aug 2.


  • Myk to draw up sketch of how panel/page-worker/context-menu should interact with content
  • Myk to update SDK 0.7 plan (add E10S items that missed 0.6, move unowned items to projects page and find owners for them)
  • Myk to update FlightDeck 1.0a3 plan (add item from tracking bug, other issues in his head)
  • Atul to file/fix xpcom category manager test
  • Myk to spin 0.6 release candidate
  • Myk and Piotr to talk about how to expose multiple versions of SDK to developers
  • Piotr to estimate time it will take to finish 1.0a3 tasks