Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-07-27

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  • followups from last meeting
    • Myk to draw up sketch of how panel/page-worker/context-menu should interact with content
    • Myk to update SDK 0.7 plan (add E10S items that missed 0.6, move unowned items to projects page and find owners for them)
    • Myk to update FlightDeck 1.0a3 plan (add item from tracking bug, other issues in his head)
    • Atul to file/fix xpcom category manager test
    • Myk to spin 0.6 release candidate
    • Myk and Piotr to talk about how to expose multiple versions of SDK to developers
    • Irakli submited patch for a shim layer to inject into all jetpack sandboxes to provide es5 functionality that spidermonkey doesn't yet support: bug 580389.
    • Piotr to estimate time it will take to finish 1.0a3 tasks
  • SDK 0.6 status
  • SDK 0.7 plan/status
  • plan/status
  • 1.0 APIs
  • roundtable


  • followups from last meeting
    • github repo for flightdeck, someone needs to grant Piotr access to the MozLabs account.
  • SDK 0.6
    • Freeze last week, about 6 issues that were discovered and fixed since the RC
    • 0.6 RC2 created yesterday, and pushes out our release to July 28.
  • SDK 0.7
    • Branch thawed one day late due to 0.6 delay
    • Should probably think about branching earlier since it is easier now
    • Felipe is working on the window api for 0.7!
  • Flightdeck 1.0a3
    • Basic plan- we are going to fast track a release to get most of our bug fixes out, starting today (july 27)
    • Goal is to push next Tuesday, August 3
  • Flightdeck 1.0a4
    • One more release 2 weeks later (august 17)
    • More bug and security fixes
    • Multiple SDK version support + 0.6
  • Flightdeck 1.0a5
    • Support 0.7 SDK
    • Support attachments
    • Work for E10S will require attachments (content scripts) for certain API's that access web content
  • Flightdeck 1.0
    • Merge Flightdeck with AMO
    • Additional features happen after the merge
    • Potential new AMO API may allow us to decouple Flightdeck more
  • Jetpack 1.0 API Proposal
    • Lots of great discussion [1]
    • SQLite and Menus not planned in 1.0, but may be accepted if submitted
    • Not frozen in stone, but is the plan of record for now.
  • Roundtable
    • peregrino thinks the docs generated by 'cfx docs' are too bulky


  • Provide proposed window api to Felipe by July 28 (Myk)
  • Piotr to give Myk the username of the Mozilla Labs github users and myk will give Piotr access (myk)
  • Irakli to sync up with Felipe on Window + Sidebar (Irakli)
  • Irakli should sync up with Fennec team to see how they can help get Jetpack on Fennec (irakli)
  • peregrino should provide feedback to noelle on bug 565204