Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-10-12

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  • followups from last meeting
  • SDK 0.9 status
  • Out-of-process Jetpack progress
  • flightdeck updates 1.0a6
  • jetbug
  • jetpack video
  • roundtable:
    • state of tree
    • landing mozrunner hotfix
    • 1.0 blockers? password manager api, prompts api, permissions manager api


  • 0.9 status
    • passing all tests on nightlies ("red tree"): Myk was looking into it, no luck. Atul and Ben (stover?) hacked on pagemods+Fennec, also blocked by it. Brian's 591525 patch is r+ but we're afraid to land without green tests.
      • Atul proposes hack session to fix it. Myk+Irakli were looking into JS iterator change: it broke lots of tests.
      • we don't know what else (beyond the iterator change) needs fixing
    • hi/lo level modules (592848): landed
    • E10S integration: making progress. Blocked by red tree.
    • manifest paths (591525): patch has r+ but red tree
    • E10S-compatible Context Menu (578849): patch ready to land, but another API change is pending (r?=myk), so Drew wants to put off first patch until second one is ready, to avoid breaking API in a later release.
    • hi-level modules use EventEmitter model (irakli 593737): 9 modules touched: 6 landed, 1 up for review (Widget), 2 left to implement: Tabs (hard), Context-Menu. Call it at-risk.
    • E10S-compatible Private Browsing (irakli 592821): in second round of review. Need someone other than Myk to review. Drew said he'd do the review.
  • flightdeck updates
    • bespin isn't working on FFb5 or later. They're working on it.
    • AMO auth API is done. Domain name change is waiting on IT. Code standardization should be easy.
    • make look-and-feel consistent with AMO: deferred until next quarter, based on AMO restyling
    • update to MooTools 1.3: will make another instance of flightdeck for this
    • updating docs: will break bug into pieces. dbuc will schedule docs powwow.
    • usability review: blocked by bespin problem. will try next week with later beta.
    • security review: 8 bugs, needs a preview server to proceed. the most obvious bugs have been fixed.
    • scalability review: unknown. overfilling /tmp should be fixed. Leftover generated XPIs may still be there. Some ideas: cron job to delete old XPIs, single-use download URLs.
  • Roundtable
    • mozrunner hotfix: can't run cfx on OS-X 10.5: need to update mozrunner. We'll land a fix on jetpack copy, then push to mozrunner.
    • 1.0 blockers: are these three APIs important enough to block 1.0? Folks say yes for Password Manager. Nobody argued for (web content) Prompts or Permissions Manager. Should mention on mailing list.
    • jetpack video (hosted on QMO)
    • jetbug: dbuc's jetpack module which allows add-ons to log to firebug with distinct prefix, also make specific objects available to firebug console by name. Call jetbug.enable() from firebug console, that dumps all pending log messages. jetbug.cache.<TAB> gets you any cached objects. Don't leave it in a shipped module: leaks privileges. Look for it on dbuc's blog.