Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2010-12-14

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FlightDeck 1.0a7

  • All deliverables are on-track
  • Piotr will discuss with Brian the docs system changes that need integration for 1.0a7

SDK 0.10 Status/Review

  • Shipped!
  • HG/Github bridge needs some updating to continue operating for the trunk

The Good

  • "There's clearly more to learn about Git" - an utterance heard during the meeting in relation to the life of Github comments.
  • The slight change in release timing seemed appropriate and worked well for this cycle

The Bad

  • Platform team broke us very late in the cycle.
  • Tags were not pushed out to the repo
  • Intermittent test failures are still being observed in the SDK


  • Brian will talk with Will and Piotr about the new docs system
  • Brian will discuss the key pair id in the SDK package.json file