Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-05-10

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  • maintaining addon docs on MDN: moving docs to AMO once 1.0 is released
  • 616854: dietrich is investigating, very weird
  • 615244: 'self': tricky
  • 653891: remove before 1.0 for sure, earlier if buildbot is green
  • 645029 652530: myk wants alexp to take a look, maybe claim
  • 651590: same for irakli
  • 654983: warner takes it, with irakli's help
  • 601295: alexp is working on it, needs some advice
  • 636145: alexp/warner
  • 644233: r?, blocked on myk, if someone else could do it that'd be great
  • 648241: not yet investigated
  • dietrich's 656037: what "web-scope" functions are missing from jetpack context? at least btoa/atob
  • KWierso's module to add Options button to addon-manager. peregrino is working with Mossop on addon-manager changes, maybe porting mobile's implementation to desktop, probably interacts, possibly replaces.