Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-05-17

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  • Brian would like Will to take a look at bug 654983.
  • Brian brought up addon-kit module lookup options - Brian to fill in minutes with more details.
  • Piotr mentioned a problem they are having with multiple libraries with the same name being called on Builder causing conflicts. They want to allow same-named libraries as AMO allows it.Brian suggested recognizing the same name library and forcing the user to "Add As" and give it a name just for that add-on.
  • Hernan asked about translating the Documentation. While there is still no formal l10n option in place(Post 1.0 work) the suggestion was made to work on translating the static HTML docs which can live in an ES dir on the website, and then we can work on a plan while doing the other l10n work.
  • We seem to have set an RC date without a freeze! Dave will talk with Myk and come up with a couple of options to fix the situation.