Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-05-31

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FlightDeck 0.9.5 Status

  • 0.9.5 froze on friday
  • will be released tomorrow (Tuesday) in late afternoon
  • everything looking good, no showstopper bugs
  • entire next phase pushing to beta is all stabilization, UI tweaks, no new features
  • package decision? detailed alert about conflicts; we'll have months before it becomes a problem
  • do we need package map feature? right now we don't; if it's not a good idea, we never have to do it; otherwise, we can land it and take advantage of it later
  • beta expected to be on-time
  • June 15 freeze
  • push to production expected to be same day as SDK, but we want to support 1.0 final
  • right now we have the other beta versions
  • question about whether or not to enable people to build with beta versions after the release of SDK 1.0 final

SDK 1.0 status

  • on Friday Myk and Dave triaged bugs and created blocking bug with several dependencies
  • Irakli and Brian are collaborating on some bugs they'd like to get into the final release
  • the procedure for nominating a bug to block the release is the same as for previous releases
  • ping Dave or Myk or add a comment to the tracking bug, bug 660286