Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-09-06

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  • dcm: Usage update
  • FlightDeck Updates
  • SDK 1.1 Status
  • Bugs Update
    • Wes: I'd like some API feedback on the patch in Bug 682631 from myk. If the API gets locked in, I can try converting the SDK modules to use the new async read soon after it lands.
      • If anyone knows how to search the SDK for modules that currently use the sync read method, that'd be handy!
    • Wes: Lots of bugs still in the 1.1 milestone... What's the plan for these?
      • Should we get them moved this week before the All Hands eats our time?
    • Wes: Would ejpbruel know offhand if his e10s prototype work would affect the documentation being added in bug 661423? In what ways?
  • Roundtable
    • Wes: Bug dashboard update
      • It can now filter by filed/modified dates.
      • If you put an email address in the textbox, dashboard will only show bugs that have some relationship to that email address (filed by, assigned to, patch from, request to/from, etc) will be listed.
        • Still need to get the list to show which of those relationships applies to the specific bugs...
        • This would speed up the request by narrowing the search, but I have to include all bugs because I can't filter the attachment/patch relationships in the initial request...
      • Page script now uses HTML5 history API to create/modify history entries for every time you do a new request. (Back/forward should redraw the chart/tables from the stored state!)
    • Jeff: Workshops update
      • On the schedule for All-hands, need to prioritize workshop content
      • 29/100 registrations for London!
      • Waiting on CHM for final date for MV workshop, looks like the 12th or 17th of Oct.
      • Hack Day event on Friday Sept 30 in London, looking for Judges. Anyone on the team interested in attending?


  • mossop
  • myk
  • dcm
  • gabor
  • eddy
  • brian
  • jeff
  • matteo
  • dietrich
  • alex
  • irakli
  • dbuc
  • wes


Usage Update

  • dcm: as of August, 22% of AMO-submitted addons based on SDK
  • July was really close to that as well
  • on an upward curve, really great
  • fligtar is going to run new queries soon
  • #/% new authors, existing authors submitting new SDK-based addons
  • # of SDK-based addons, # of SDK-based addons updated with or without repacks
  • # of traditional addons that get updated via SDK
  • not sure how long, fligtar has promised to start running numbers
  • myk: all numbers i suggested?
  • dcm: yes, plus one
  • not sure of timeline, but he will do it

FlightDeck Updates

  • dbuc: we are pushing out another release this week
  • another search facet going in
  • a few more search additions
  • 50% chance of getting in "push to AMO"
  • if not this week, then next week for sure!
  • getting some dev help with builder, pretty confident that we're going to feature freeze, work on stabilization, plan for 1.0 in early Q1 2012
  • don't need new features, better to ship
  • that's the plan, now that we have more resources

SDK 1.1 Status

  • myk: we spun 1.1rc1 last week
  • folks nominated a few blockers, but nothing seems necessary
  • one seemed to be a regression from 1.0, but after digging in, it turned out to be older
  • still waiting on results of repack testing
  • dbuc: we ran first test, had errata, AMO's queueing system was not processing repacks
  • jeff had patch to solve 80% of failures, i.e. the queueing system ones
  • once he puts that patch in it should be down to just SDK failures
  • dbuc will take those on today or tomorrow
  • jeff's fix might already have landed last thursday
  • dbuc to check with jeff today and lace that up
  • myk: can you report back to the discussion forum?
  • dbuc to do so

End Cycle Triage

  • mossop: should drivers do more frequent triage at end of cycle?
  • myk: we previously did daily triage at the end
  • seems advisable, even if just five minutes to look at potential blockers
  • we can leave other bugs for the regular weekly triage
  • drivers to schedule this

Bugs Update

bug 682631

  • wes: i'd like some feedback from myk on bug 682631
  • myk: right now?
  • wes: sometime this week
  • myk: will endeavour to do so

1.1-Targeted Bugs and Triage Process Change

  • wes: when i checked last night, there are still 50 bugs on 1.1
  • dcm: we had big conversation last week and proposed change to triage process
  • a lot of these will fall into that if we decide to go that route
  • mossop: anyone have concerns over proposal
  • myk: new proposed process is to align with train schedule of releases
  • drivers will continue to prioritize bugs but won't target most to milestone
  • target milestone will be reserved for handful of important fixes
  • developers will have time outside of targeted fixes to work on bugs at their discretion (but taking priority into account)
  • applies to MoCo-employed developers; volunteers always have complete discretion to choose what to work on when
  • general assent to new process
  • irakli: it'll become clear how well it works as we go through process
  • mossop: we'll go through bugs on thursday, make changes per proposal
  • should clear out bugs assigned to 1.1 at that point

Low-Level Module Doc and E10S

  • wes: there's a bug with patch that adds documentation to low-level module
  • might e10s prototype change anything in there?
  • eddy: i'm not really sure
  • could you post this question somewhere in a bug so i can look at it?
  • wes to do so
  • wes: documentation is for jetpack runtime
  • one of things it does is give information about process type
  • was just wondering if anything in e10s prototype would make it untrue
  • docs say process can be one of several processes
  • ejpbruel: i've added new type, addon process
  • dcm: post question to bug
  • myk: and cc: eddy


Bug Dashboard Update

  • wes: you can now filter out bugs based on date filed or last modified
  • put in email address and see only bugs that person is involved with (other than commenting and cc:ed)
  • filed, assigned, QA contact, or patch attacher, requester, requestee
  • now uses HTML 5 history API to create history entries when you do a search
  • brian: can you put a spinner or ellipsis when getting bugs?
  • wes: yes, and i'll do more error handling

Workshops Update

  • jeff: signups going well, 1/3 of way there
  • should have venue for one in SF soon with date
  • looking like 12 or 17th of october in evening in computer history museum
  • cheilman asked for volunteers for sept 30 hack day event
  • night following london workshop
  • i'll be in berlin by then, but if you're interested in participating, they've requested Mozilla people to show up, talk about what we're doing, help judge competition
  • interested? email jeff
  • overnight event: that evening until 7-8am the next morning
  • myk: status of courses?
  • jeff: giving three workshops
  • sent out email to folks last week
  • no replies; all good?
  • brian: still working away on it, will have something put together
  • brian: what format?
  • jeff: three tracks, yours, mine, and XUL UI track
  • three sessions
  • in london will give them all three times, next week only once
  • brian: but next week? (ed: at MoCo All Hands, where we intend to test the courses before the London event)
  • jeff: no one knows
  • dcm: we're still lacking details on rooms
  • dietrich: highly doubt it'll be all six hundred
  • brian: we have four-five parallel tracks, and we'll be one of those?
  • jeff: hope we're running them in serial in the same room
  • dcm: i'll send you amie tyrell's email address, you can send her what you want
  • brian: in london, are we each lecturing to the whole group?
  • jeff: in london, i'll talk to entire group for 20 minutes, then you'll have third of that group three times in a row
  • brian: so i don't need warmup lecture?
  • jeff: no
  • jeff: brian, like your idea of warmup exercises, dietrich what do you think?
  • dietrich: i like it
  • dietrich: my only concern is being dependent on the builder
  • might be prudent to have backup setup, so introduction about the SDK and setting it up
  • brian: pointers to SDK download in introductory materials
  • and point to the builder as well
  • brian: what sort of internet connection will we get from venue?
  • dcm: don't remember network problems at 500-600 person event at that venue previously
  • jeff: and chm should have enough wifi
  • but it's a conference, so who knows
  • myk: dietrch, how is your presentation coming along?
  • dietrich: ok, should have something by all-hands
  • myk: jeff, how is your presentation coming along?
  • jeff: good, not worried about it
  • myk: everyone in contact with their assistants?
  • brian: yes, anant sits next to me
  • jeff: yes, i will be
  • dietrich: alex, i'll be contacting you