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  • [No-Jun] Mainly asking Geoff and Bob about status of current Android tests
    • What's the status of Autophone tests? feature requests incoming?
      • [bc] Currently running tier 2; Issues with error reporting on performance tests; plan to expland dom media tests to full coverage of manifests this week; GeckoView testing pending; Changes to performance markers pending; Not sure of meaning of "feature requests incoming".
    • Do Taipei devs look after tests as well? Do devs do any maintenance work on current Android tests?
      • [bc] :alwu is being ccd on all new media bugs filed from Autophone sheriffing. Some perhaps, not sure of scope.
    • How much work is it to maintain tests at current state?
      • [bc] Not sure how to answer this.
    • Any plans to decommission any of the tests?
      • [bc] Autophone Cw, Mw, Mm may be replaced by complete dom media manifests.
    • [gbrown] Let's look at a push for an example:
  • [dminor] Have r+ on Bug 1264343 - test_peerConnection_scaleResolution.html times out on Android to enable, will land with old manifests, want to make sure it is picked up in new media jobs
  • [dminor] How to handle other tests I wanted to enable on Bug 1321547?

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