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Only module owners may edit this page.

They may:

  • update any information about their module except the name of the owner
  • add or remove sub-modules
  • change the owner of a sub-module
  • add emeritus owners or peers

Other changes, including changes of module owner or addition/removal of modules, must be agreed with the Module Ownership Module group, probably via a discussion in mozilla.governance.

Name: Firefox (#)
Description: Standalone Web Browser
Owner: Dave Townsend
Peer(s): Ehsan Akhgari, Paolo Amadini, Mark Banner, Mike de Boer, Marco Bonardo, Brian Bondy, Kit Cambridge, Shane Caraveo, Tantek Çelik, Luke Chang, Ricky Chien, Mike Conley, Neil Deakin, Justin Dolske, Georg Fritzsche, Nathan Froyd, Felipe Gomes, Dão Gottwald, Luca Greco, Tim Guan-tin Chien, Mark Hammond, Axel Hecht, Rob Helmer, Johann Hofmann, Mike Hommey, Matt Howell, Kate Hudson, Tomislav Jovanovic, Mike Kaply, Gijs Kruitbosch, Edward Lee, KM Lee Rex, Fred Lin, Ray Lin, Fischer Liu, Kris Maglione, François Marier, Jim Mathies, Bill McCloskey, Mark Mentovai, Ted Mielczarek, Nicholas Nethercote, Brian Nicholson, Matthew Noorenberghe, Gian-Carlo Pascutto, Olli Pettay, Florian Quèze, David Rajchenbach-Teller, Neil Rashbrook, Asaf Romano, Marina Samuel, J Ryan Stinnett, Robert Strong, Nihanth Subramanya, Andrew Sutherland, Gabriele Svelto, Andrew Swan, Gregory Szorc, Tim Taubert, Jan Varga, Jonathan Watt, Jared Wein, Drew Willcoxon
Owner(s) Emeritus: Mike Shaver, Mike Connor, Gavin Sharp, Dave Camp
Peer(s) Emeritus: Dietrich Ayala, Ian Gilman, Blair McBride, Paul O'Shannessy, Benjamin Smedberg
Source Dir(s): browser/
Bugzilla Component(s): Firefox
URL(s): Code Review Guidelines
Discussion Group: firefox-dev
Name: (#)
Description: The Firefox telemetry analysis websites and services, including,, etc
Owner: Roberto Vitillo
Peer(s): Frank Bertsch, Mauro Doglio, Chris H-C, Blake Imsland, Jannis Leidel
Source Dir(s):,
Discussion Group: