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Open Items

  • Development update from Les
    • People are aware of where Les is, questions in email
    • Neil has UX reqs, working on those over next couple days
  • Figure out anything blocking
    • Specifications - what is still unclear? What is blocking getting designs started?
    • Designs - are we making progress here? What is left and when does it have to get done by?
  • Figure out a more granular schedule for key milestones
  • Schedule weekly check-ins to improve group communication -- does 1130am PDT work?
  • Keeping track of stuff
    • Is there a wiki page for the project? Are we keeping it up to date?
    • Is there a bugzilla component? We should start getting things into bugzilla to keep track of outstanding stuff.


  • Need to rope in IT and QA
    • How are we going to host this? (Kev to talk to mrz and file bugs)
    • Who will QA this? When? (Tomcat)
  • Customized first-run page (Neil and Kev need to design this, will discuss next week)
    • Need a hosted first-run page that pulls collection information
    • Not sure how many users we will have
    • Don't want to spend a lot of time on infra if we don't know what the uptake will be
  • Figure out a more granular schedule for key milestones (Kev will take a stab at this)
  • 1130 works - Partnering:Projects:BYOB:Meetings





  • Filed Bug 503070 for a Bugzilla component to start tracking bugs. (The domain name doesn't have to stick)
  • Personas - able to include the add-on, but can't figure out how to configure an initial persona using distribution.ini
    • Kev has info on this
  • Need to get QA looped into this at some point soon.
  • Hosting issues
    • Kev talking to mrz about this.
    • Need to loop in someone from IT sooner than later? (If so, who?)
    • How will the prod / staging infrastructure work?
    • Everything's running on a single OS X server right now
      • PHP/MySQL web app
      • PHP/MySQL build queue driving a Python script
      • Public / private repack hosting
  • My known TODOs at the moment (pending feedback):
    • Email notifications to admins on registrations
    • Email notifications to admins / owner on workflow state changes
    • Product detail management
    • HTML/CSS/img production once a design is final
      • including tabbed UI for browser editing, or whatever the design suggests
    • Once available, drop in explanatory / help copy / email copy wherever necessary
      • including polish on forms, req'd fields & help text
    • L10N support, once en-US text is final
      • gettext / locale detection mostly in place, but need to markup all text with gettext functions
    • QA / feedback / polish cycles
    • Staging & launch