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Open Items




  • Doing some mockup work based on the last wireframe for the config system
  • Awaiting final form fields for the config system


  • working on the Testplan, will sent this out to kev today


  • Last week:
    • bug 503322 - Break repack editing page up into tabs
    • bug 503327 - Product database management
    • bug 504351 - Notify admins on registration
    • bug 503338 - Use crontab to attempt a fix for "hdiutil: create failed - Device not configured" issue
  • This week:
    • Taking requests
  • Blockers:
    • Need final text/copy for all pages, notifications, etc (bug 503331) to complete bug 503329 and bug 503328
    • Need a design / theme / style guide to start on bug 503324
    • Any additional feedback / unfiled bugs on current progress lurking out there? (No news is good news?)