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Open Items



  • Key blockers, and what's required for final push so everyone can say "done".
  • Personas 1.2.2 fix is in, testing now.
  • Discuss bug 510000, ensure there are no surprises/obstacles
  • Submitting final bugs today for application as a whole. If they are not in tonight, you can assume we're good to go. All changes I have are relatively minor, and shouldn't involve any major functionality adds/changes. If they do, then they are out of scope and you can throw things at me.
  • Submitting final text today and tomorrow. Discussing legal text with Catherine tomorrow to ensure she's comfortable. Welcome text, profile modification text, customization wizard text, and email text is being submitted today. The rest should be in no later than CoB tomorrow.
  • Will work with Tomcat Thu/Fri to finish running through test plan and file any bug bugs before the weekend.

Per Les' questions below:

  • wrt browser name for an individual, I'd like to discuss it. I was thinking "Mozilla Firefox for First Last", but can see some users not being happy with it. I suppose we could allow a free-form name of 1-3 words, and explain that the browser would be referred to as "Mozilla Firefox for x y z" and that it was subject to approval. It's more a branding issue and what the user is permitted to call it, and going this route would allow us to review the name and grant permission to use it implicitly, or reject based on the name
  • will submit bug on help page with categorization by CoB today. Simple form that will require a login for help requests and auto-fill, or to a general info account that will require them to provide info if they're not logged in.


  • Wrapping up customization design
  • Working on home page design - need a snappy sentence to describe BYOB and a couple of lines to elaborate



  • Since org title is now optional for personal accounts, what should be used for the auto-generated browser title when org name is unavailable?
  • Another bug to describe what a web form for submitting help requests?
  • Last week:
    • Small tweaks
  • Blockers:
    • Need mockups to start on bug 503324
    • Additional bugs pending?
    • Additional copy pending?
    • Hosting issues