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Open Items



  • Re-starting weekly meetings
  • Overview of work David Rolnitzky will be doing.
    • David will be focusing on product messaging, comms planning, and working on addressing targeting different user groups that BYOB will benefit.
  • Requirement gathering; what do people need
    • Nothing additional is required currently, beyond a bug update for the config wizard redesign. Kev to schedule a meeting with Neil to further discuss UI work and direction, and to ensure everyone has sufficient access to staging.
  • How best to separate milestones out for this quarter and follow-on quarters
    • Need to be able to visualize what's required currently, and what the priorities are for any open bugs tasks. As we plan additional project features, there's a need to integrate those into a unified view. Kev to put together an overview page outlining work by quarter by priority, and add it to the project page.
  • Long-term planning.
    • Per the bugs on the project page, there's a need to start long-term planning for things like buildbot integration (with RelEng), new features (different products), Enterprise Support, and longer term features/functionality. Suggested a meet-up in Toronto for a day or two in March to discuss f2f; kev to send email to set up in second or third week of March.




  • Getting back up to speed on BYOB
  • Estimating time for bugs
  • Grabbed some P1's and P2's for a first ~20 hr chunk of work
  • Got some kinks out of BYOB staging and set up auto-update from SVN trunk