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QA Community Outreach Guide


  • To help provide direction to new Mozilla QA community members via a simple and concise guide for QA Community Leaders

FYI on Communication

  • Actively engage with community members in a positive and engaging manner
  • Always ask questions if there is the slightest bit of uncertainty
    • If they don't answer back after a certain amount of time, ask if they're confused about something
  • Always answer questions promptly and concisely

Initial Introduction for New Community Members

If they have a specific interest in a specific area

* Give them an e-mail address for one of the following mappings:

** If WebDev: stephend

** Community Involvement: aakashd, juanb

** Data Analysis: murali

** Localization: tchung, juanb

** Mobile: aakashd

** OS Testing: marcia

** Triaging: tracy

** Unit Testing/Automation/Tool Development: ctalbert

** Website Testing: whimboo

** MozMill: whimboo

If no specific interest, ask them to go through QMO's Projects page and see if there is something they are interested in

* If nothing interests them from the list of Projects on QMO, suggest Litmus BFTs via QAC and tell them to e-mail you the BFT they are interested in

** Once they have determined a subgroup, forward their e-mail to tracy

Determining the Next Step

In the beginning

* Offer a simple assignment (to determine their level of competency) and reading material about the subject in QMO's Doc Tree

After enough initial competency check

* Continue to give them more authority and responsibility when they are ready for it

* Don't be afraid to let them make mistakes

Preliminary Task List

This task list is not a finite set of tasks each person will be forced to do when joining the community. It's a set of specific tasks a new community member will be able to complete within a short amount of time. Each task should be designed to develop someone who doesn't have much experience at all in testing, web development languages and/or the Mozilla community.

  • WebDevQA
  • Community Involvement
      • Assist in testday and bugday promotions via posting to social networks
      • Write technical documentation on the these topics
  • Data Analysis
  • Firefox
      • Running litmus tests via QA Companion
      • Learn to follow through the bug filing process by participating in bug days on thursday
  • Mobile
  • OS Testing
  • Triaging
  • Tool Development
  • Website Testing
  • Unit Test Automation
  • MozMill Automation
  • Labs extension testing
      • Download Weave through the addons manager or AMO.