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All systems to be tested and their desired configurations can be found in this spreadsheet.

Set up the test environment

Before you begin make sure you've installed all Windows updates including the latest WHQL driver from the GPU OEM.

1. Install Firefox
  • Download the Firefox 43.0a2 from
  • Run installer and select customize
  • Put the install in a custom directory (C:\Firefox for purposes of this example)
  • Do NOT allow it to launch Firefox at the end of the install
2. Launch Firefox with a clean profile
  • Run cmd.exe
  • Change directory to the folder where you installed Firefox: cd C:\Firefox
  • Run firefox.exe: firefox.exe -P -no-remote - This will bring up our profile selector window.
  • Use the "Create Profile" button to create a profile new profile
  • Once the profile is created, select it, and then click "Start Firefox"
3. Theme the system as indicated
  • Check the Theme column in the Systems spreadsheet to identify the configuration required for your system
  • If the table indicates Windows: default, Firefox: default, or Blinds: n/a you can skip this step
  • If the table indicates Windows: custom go into your system preferences and apply any random Windows theme before starting the testrun
  • If the table indicates Firefox: custom go to and install any random Firefox theme
  • If the table indicates Blinds: random install the trial version of Windowblinds from and apply any random skin


Record Graphics Information

  1. Start Firefox 43.0a2 if it's not already running
  2. Open the about:support page and scroll down to the Graphics section
  3. Copy the entire table of information under the Graphics section
  4. Paste this information into question 2 of the results form (tip: open form in a different browser so that it's not impacted by testing)
  5. Click the Menu button > (?) > About Firefox to check for and install updates, restart Firefox once the update is downloaded
  6. Once Firefox restarts, reopen about:support (if it doesn't automatically)
  7. Verify that Application Basics displays "44.0a2" as your version
  8. Scroll down to the Graphics section and copy the entire table of information under the Graphics section
  9. Paste this information into question 3 of the results form

Sanity Test

Before you begin make sure you've completed the preconditions for this test, recorded your graphics information, and are running Firefox 44.0a2

  1. Load the Top-sites by Country page
  2. Refer to the Topsites column of the Systems spreadsheet to note which country's topsites you'll need to test
  3. Starting with the first country, load the #1 top website
  4. Scroll around the page and try to interact with any loaded content (eg. play a video if there is one) until the page finishes loading
  5. Open the next topsite in a new tab and repeat the above step (do this for each of the top-10 websites for each of the countries you've been assigned)
  6. After you've finished testing each of the websites, restart Firefox and try to restore the session
  7. Click each tab and observe the content loading until all pages are loaded
  8. Drag any one of the tabs outside of the window so it appears in its own window
  9. Drag that tab back to the tab bar of the main window so it rejoins the main window
  10. Repeat this with a couple of other tabs
  11. Quit Firefox
  12. Fill out this form when you've finished testing to record your results.
What we're looking for
  • Crashes at any point during the test
  • Issues with content failing to render
  • Issues with content rendering incorrectly
  • Issues with performance while loading, scrolling, or after content has finished loading
  • Visual glitches in the Firefox user interface

Please report a bug if you encounter an issue.

Retesting Bugs

Once the sanity testing above is complete, retest the following bugs to make sure they are still valid. In general we are looking to see if the bug reproduces with the latest Developer Edition build in which case we need any new debugging information can be provided to make the bug actionable. If not we should just close the bug as INCOMPLETE. Every bug should be updated regardless of status.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs for the following issues use this template:

  • Crashes or hangs at any point
  • Issues with content failing to render
  • Issues with content rendering incorrectly
  • Issues with performance while loading, scrolling, or after content has finished loading
  • Visual glitches in the Firefox user interface

Information to attach to a bug report:

  • detailed steps to reproduce
  • any changes you've made to your system's default configuration
  • a copy of your about:support page
  • a copy of your dxdiag log
  • a list of crash IDs from about:crashes (if you encountered a crash)
  • URL for any page you encountered a problem with

Reported Bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
1229171 Problem loading page, "The connection has timed out" when accessing -- RESOLVED
1229190 Content does not load when a new window is called -- RESOLVED
1229193 New windows do not retain firefox/windows themes correctly -- UNCONFIRMED
1229207 Close, minimize, etc, buttons do not show with blinds and firefox theme -- RESOLVED
1229872 Videos on Twitter homepage display "This browser does not support video playback" -- RESOLVED
1229904 videos fail to fallback to Flash playback on Windows XP P3 NEW
1229914 Black corruption appears when opening/closing tabs P3 UNCONFIRMED
1229917 Incredibly slow performance while simultaneously loading several tabs -- RESOLVED
1229922 Error with video player in Firefox -- RESOLVED
1229970 Crash in `anonymous namespace''::ScriptLoaderRunnable::OnStartRequest while dragging tabs to their own window -- RESOLVED
1230625 Google Icons/Buttons do not render -- RESOLVED

11 Total; 3 Open (27.27%); 8 Resolved (72.73%); 0 Verified (0%);