ReMo/Application Process/Selection Criteria

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Mozillians profile needs to be filled with:

  • At least one vouch
  • Photo of the applicant (optional, it’s good to recognize Reps by face either in community meetups, or online meetings though)
  • Different groups of interests and topics of involvement within mozilla
    • example: speakers add interests and topic groups they have spoken about, localizers add software translated
  • Languages the applicant speaks
  • External accounts (not only mozilla accounts, for the application screening it’s important to understand who the applicant is)
  • Biography text, some examples, feel free to talk about anything you are passionate about:
    • Where the applicant lives
    • What are the applicant’s hobbies
    • What the applicant does (work or studying)
    • Which projects the applicant is contributing to mozilla or other Open Source projects / initiatives
    • Is the applicant part of other programs or initiatives in Mozilla like TechSpeakers or Campus Club and in what role

Application request needs to contain the answers to the following items:

  • Explanation what the applicant has done regarding mobilizing communities (regional or functional), can also be outside of mozilla
  • Does the applicant have a focus area regarding mobilizing the community?
  • Explanation if the applicant already organized or joined other mozilla events, also can be from other open source initiatives
  • Explanation of what the applicant learned on helping the community or projects that the applicant joined in the past
  • Explanation of how the Reps program will enable the applicant to achieve his goals inside Mozilla and his/her local community
  • What are the most important achievements of the applicant in the past 12 months in the mozilla community or in Open Source in general

Additional criteria:

  • The applicant needs to be active within Mozilla for at least 6 months
  • How knowledgeable is the applicant about the Mozilla project, our mission and our values?
  • Is the applicant familiar with the different products Mozilla develops and different Mozilla initiatives?