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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Mozilla Reps?

Community is the backbone of the Mozilla project. As the project grows in scope and scale, community needs to be strengthened and empowered accordingly. This is the central aim of the Mozilla Reps program: to empower and to help push responsibility to the edges in order to help the Mozilla contributor base grow.

Who can be a MozRep?

The Mozilla Reps program is open to anyone passionate and knowledgeable about the Mozilla project and its community. Because becoming a MozRep involves taking on new responsibilities, a Mozillian who signs up will be asked to fill out a short application form and be interviewed on IRC by the Mozilla Rep council, made up of veteran Mozilla volunteers and staff.

What sort of activities do Mozilla Reps do?

Mozilla Reps are involved in a wide range of activities:

  • Organize or participate in Mozilla community events
  • Recruit new contributors (regionally and by contribution area)
  • Organize Mozilla product release parties
  • Represent Mozilla at project-relevant conferences and speak on Mozilla’s behalf
  • Manage local public relations and blogs
  • Lead local training workshops
  • Attend Mozilla global and regional summits

What sort of responsibilities do Mozilla Reps have?

Mozilla Reps have a specific set of simple but important responsibilities and tasks to fulfill in order to maintain their status:

  • Regularly update their Mozilla Rep profile page and document all their activities
  • Liaise regularly with their mentor to update them on activities and get feedback
  • Write a detailed blog post after each Mozilla Rep-related activity
  • Regularly take and publish photos of their Mozilla Rep activities
  • Liaise regularly with project teams at Mozilla to update them on relevant local news, trends and activities

How can I apply to become a MozRep?

Applying to the program is very easy: all you need to do is fill out this short application form and a Mozilla Reps mentor will contact you shortly to guide you through the next steps.

How is Mozilla Reps different from Student Reps?

Mozilla Reps aims to empower Mozillians to represent Mozilla in their country or region, not just in a university setting, and offers participants a much wider set of tools and resources. Also, while the Student Reps program is open to anyone who applies, Mozilla Rep applicants need to be “accepted” into the program through a short interview process.

What are the incentives for becoming a Mozilla Rep?

There many reasons that motivate Mozillians to become Mozilla Reps:

  • Represent Mozilla officially and help push the project forward in your country
  • Get access to specific tools and resources to organize your own events and get sponsorship to attend others
  • Share your passion for Mozilla in an organized, structured and impactful way while having fun
  • Gain valuable experience and learn new leadership skills
  • Make new friends and work closely with Mozilla staff around the world
  • Build a reputation within the Mozilla community and build your own network
  • Travel across your country and attend Mozilla events around the world

Do I get paid for being a Mozilla Rep?

The Mozilla Reps program is 100% volunteer based. Just like other functional areas of the Mozilla project, the support and energy of people all around the world is the backbone of Mozilla's open source model. While Mozilla does not offer paid positions for participating in the program, the Mozilla Reps program does provide specific tools and unique access to people and resources that you won’t find anywhere else.

Where can I find and get in touch with other Mozilla Reps?

All Mozilla Reps have a profile page on the Mozilla Rep wiki and each page is listed on the Mozilla Rep directory page.

How can I get Mozilla swag?

Mozilla Reps have access to a special Swag Request form for events they are organizing or attending. Each request is reviewed and approved or rejected by the Mozilla Rep council, based on a specific set of criteria. Mozilla Reps can also request Mozilla Rep-specific swag such as t-shirts, stickers and buttons that they are strongly encouraged to wear when attending events.

Can I produce my own localized swag?

When the Mozilla Reps program gets out of beta, Mozilla Reps will have access to a special tool that enables them to customize a specific set of swag and download the designs in PDF format for local production.

Can I request and manage my own budget for an event?

Mozilla Reps have access to a special Budget Request formfor events they are organizing or attending, or for reimbursement for any events for which they had secured a budget. Each request is reviewed and approved or rejected by the Mozilla Rep council, based on a specific set of criteria.

Who runs Mozilla Reps and how is the program organized?

The Mozilla Reps program is a community-run program. Both Mozilla Reps themselves and Mozilla staff oversee and run the program and make sure it grows and improves. For more information on the organizational structure and governance of the program, click here.

If a Mozillian is already contributing to a specific area of the Mozilla project can that Mozilian also be a Mozilla Rep?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, most Mozilla Reps are veteran Mozilla contributors who have been promoting the project for a long time. Of course, becoming a Mozilla Rep might in some cases require them to spend less time contributing to these projects, but that will quickly be offset by all the new contributors that Mozilla Reps will be recruiting to work on them.

Is the Mozilla Reps program aimed at replacing existing community efforts?

No, absolutely not. Mozilla Reps is designed precisely to strengthen existing efforts by providing tools and resources to help push responsibility and authority to the edges and empower contributors in their communities.

Can there be several Mozilla Reps in the same country or locale?

Yes, there are no limits to the number of Mozilla Reps in a particular geographic location. As the Mozilla Reps program grows, regional coorindators will be elected or designated by Mozilla Reps to help monitor and coordinate the program at the regional level. These regional coordinators will be the interface between Mozilla Reps and the Mozilla Rep council.