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How to become a mentor

Nominations are requested by council of the mentor community on an 'as needed basis'. New Mentors are nominated by existing Mentors or the Reps council, through one of two ways:

  • Direct recognition by a mentor. ie: They know someone who would make a great mentor.
  • Self-nomination, which is the process of proclaiming your interest to your own mentor or another mentor in the community. It will be that mentor's job to evaluate the self-nominating Rep. make recommendations to council, as to whether that self-nomination should be accepted.

How often new mentors are selected

New mentors are evaluated and selected normally when needed. For example when there are orphan mentees to be reassigned or when a mentor leaves.

Mentors selection criteria

  • Fluent English
  • Experience in functional areas (community building, Firefox, Firefox OS, webmaker etc)
  • Engaged and active within the community (attending meetings, taking action)
  • Demonstrated good skills in Reps procedures or mentorship.
  • Has time to dedicate to the mentorship role.
  • Is willing to take on the responsibilities (if proposed by somebody else)
  • Quick response in Bugzilla


  • Council or mentor propose new mentors to council with an explanation on why this person thinks that this proposed Rep would be a good mentor.
  • Sometime Reps also step up and nominate themselves for mentor selection.
  • There is a communication that lists the reasons why a specific Rep has the potential to be a good mentor. It lists accomplishments, past initiatives, role in regional and local communities, impact in functional areas.
  • Council reviews the candidate(s) and add him/her to a tracking spreadsheet.
  • When there is a need for new mentors Council reviews the spreadsheet.
  • Council votes.
  • Mentors are selected.
  • Mentors take an on boarding training.
  • New mentors are announced and permissions granted.
  • Mentors can start mentoring new mentees according to the process described here.