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The onboarding of new Council members entails practical training on the tools and processes of the Reps Council and mentorship from former Council members, the program lead and other leaders at Mozilla.

The process starts from the day after the election results. The new council members will receive practical training on lasts for 3 weeks and this SOP outlines most of the practical training.

The mentorship process will last longer with former council members budding up with new council members. Mozilla leaders will also be involved in the mentorship of new and existing Council members.


Project lead will be in charge of leading the efforts, with the help of the Council.


Once the Council elections are over and new Council members are elected, the project lead will send them an email:

Subject: Welcome to the Council!

Hello new council fellows,

I'm [Name], welcome to the Reps Council. In order to help you understand how the Mozilla Reps Council works we would like to give you a small training regarding your new responsibilities as Council Members. Let's set up a meeting and go over this on a call.

Please let me know [dates/times] work for you.


Week 1

  • Each new Council member paired with a council buddy, who will help him/her understand and navigate the Council responsibilities. The buddy will be one of the outgoing Council members or a former Council member.
  • The program lead and the available council members will meet in video with new members and explain their responsibilities and tools. Council buddies are available for new Council members for any questions or advice.

Operation Training meeting agenda


Budget and voting processes (needs update with the review team role)

Week 2

  • New council added to mailing list and alias, so that they can understand what happens in that list.
  • New council members can see see how things work and the work-flow.
  • Buddies will answer any question to new Council.

Week 3

  • Admin gives permissions on the portal to new and revoke to old ones.
  • New council on boarded and start to fulfill their role completely.
  • Buddies still support any question new council may have.
  • At the end of this week former Council is removed from alias and list.
    • Chair emails former Council announcing their duties are over as Council members.
    • Chair emails new members and reps-general announcing the new ones start their duties.