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Swag is central to promoting Mozilla and raising brand awareness. It also makes people happy, especially funky original swag.

The Mozilla Community has a lot of creative talent, and community members have produced stunning artwork. We want to make this creativity as accessible as we can to the whole community. It might be that you want a Firefox T-shirt for yourself, or that you want to make a batch of T-shirts for an event you are planning.

As a Mozilla Rep, you can request swag from a specific stock reserved for the Mozilla Rep program.

Requesting swag

If you want to request Mozilla swag for Mozilla Reps events, make sure to fill out the Mozilla Reps swag form here.

Once you've submitted your form, the Bugzilla wrangler will review your request and approve/reject it accordingly, depending on the nature of the event the swag is for and/or depending on availability of in our stock.