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Current state

Unless otherwise stated, assume builds/tests are running in buildbot.

Build / test name in buildbot? In taskcluster?
Firefox Linux 32/64 debug no yes (tier-1)
Firefox Linux 32/64 opt no yes (tier-1)
Firefox Linux (everything else) no yes
Firefox OSX64 debug yes yes (tier-2)
Firefox OSX (everything else) yes no
Firefox Windows (all) yes some (tier-3)

How do I find where a build/test job is running?

The best approach is the examine the job on treeherder. Click on the job you're interested in, and look at the information on the bottom-left. Taskcluster jobs have [TC] in their name. They also have "Machine: unknown". Buildbot jobs have specific machine names specified, e.g. "Machine: bld-linux64-spot-134"

Relevant source repositories

Buildbot jobs are defined in a pair of repositories:

Taskcluster jobs are mostly defined all in-tree: