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Who are we

SUMO ( is a global gathering of many enthusiastic and dedicated people whose passion is to help all users of Mozilla's software and products. SUMO operates on the same principle that Mozilla does: a core of staff coordinating the operations and an army of contributors powering them.

You can find a detailed list and contact info for our staff members.


With over 30 million visits a month, we help users around the world by providing tips and answering questions in the form of knowledge base articles, question and answer forums, and social media support.

With content in multiple languages, SUMO has global reach. Almost 60% of our visitors seek answers in languages other than English.

SUMO has one of the largest contributor bases at Mozilla, with over 100 core contributors and many members joining each week.

For more detailed information about SUMO, see this presentation (from 2015).

What's New

SUMO community blog Get the latest scoop on what's going on with SUMO - including special posts by our contributors!

Contribution areas

  • Write Help Articles for the Knowledge Base - The KB is the main point of contact for our users that receives 30+ million views a month. Base articles are created in English.
  • Answer Questions in the Support Forum - The forums are our User to User help channel manned by our amazing contributors. Users add 150-200 questions a day.
  • Translate Articles to your languages - Our articles are localized into numerous different languages. Nearly 60% of our visitors read the site in languages other than English.
  • Help users in Social Channels
    • Social Media Support - Social media helps Firefox better understand its users. There are about 14,000 questions/comments on Firefox social media platforms every month. More often than not, when people experience issues with Firefox, they tend to share them on Twitter and Facebook before submitting bugs or seeking out solutions from SUMO. We're here to help, share our knowledge and build relationships that will empower our users to get the most out of their Firefox. (We used to do this with the Army of Awesome, we now use a 3rd party social support solution).

Development: Bugs and Feature Requests

  • For over five years, we used our own open source platform (Kitsune) for support.
  • In February 2017 we switched from Kitsune to the Lithium software as a service support platform. The Kitsune to Lithium transition was announced in August 2016.
  • In April 2017, we temporarily rolled back to Kitsune in order to fix bugs around Firefox in-product url redirects, L10n, and showfor.
  • In June 2017 we decided to stay with Kitsune (i.e. Lithium will not be our SUMO platform) and are currently trying to find developer resources to keep Kitsune working and improving Kitsune going forward in the short term as well as considering Kitsune replacements in the long term.
  • The following is a summary of how SUMO uses bugzilla. Full details at SUMO Bug triage Google Doc. If you have a bugs or feature requests please:
    • If you are comfortable with Bugzilla - file a bug or feature request (product: "") OR
    • If you are NOT comfortable with Bugzilla or unsure in any way, please add a thread to the Contributor Forum about your bug or feature request.
    • If you need something urgently, please contact or needinfo Madalina Ana (based in Berlin) or Roland Tanglao (based in Vancouver, Canada).
    • Please don't send us private messages or emails about bugs or feature requests. It is counterproductive and does not help in timely resolution of incoming requests.

Project Management

As the rest of the Marketing org, SUMO uses the 2 and a half week sprint model. You can follow a summary of how this works in SUMO here: Support/SUMO_Project_management.

SUMO Release checklists


Firefox for Android aka Fennec

Meeting schedule

Where you can find us

If you have a specific question about supporting users or want to learn more about how to help support Firefox users, you are strongly encouraged to reach out to SUMO volunteers and staff. We have two channels for this:

  • If you have a quick question, you can find us on IRC at in #sumo. This is for live discussion but not for decisions since it is time zone challenged :-) and not everybody uses IRC.
  • All other discussion and questions about helping to support users, should be posted to the SUMO contributor forum. This is where longer form discussion takes place and decisions are documented.

Other places of Contact

Obsolete docs